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Life, Death and Eternity

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Jesus says that He is the way truth and the life and that no man comes before the Father except by me. So who was Jesus to make such a claim? He was the Son of God as labeled by our heavenly Father who said This is my son with whom I am will pleased. Life, death and eternal life rests in the hands of God and given to Jesus as our caretaker. We are born and then we will die yet our soul lives on.

Today as I attend a funeral for a believing 17 year old girl who died early because her car crashed while she was texting and driving. This girl truly loved the Lord with her life in this world encouraging others helping where she could and yet now we are saddened by the loss of her in our lives. It is always tragic to lose a friend, family member or loved one. We ask ourselves if God loves us why would He allow this to happen to someone so young? Why did He not perform a miracle and save her? Is this the work of a loving God?

King Solomon said it best in Ecclesiastes 3. There is a time to be born and a time to die. The bible tells us that every person has an appointed time to die. That God knew us before we were formed in our mothers womb and that he made us all with a special purpose that includes season in our life on this Earth. God knew the day we were made that one day our fleshly bodies will begin to decay and eventually die. Because man sinned back in the Garden of Eden we never got to eat of the Tree of Life. So God made a way for man when there was no way back to Paradise with Him. He sent His Son Jesus to die in our place as a son sacrifice and restore our relationship to God. He had to watch His only Son beaten cursed spit on and crucified by cold hearted mankind. God could have saved His son from death but instead allowed Him to die so that life could be given to all mankind. On the third day Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to heaven where Jesus now sits on the right hand of God as a high priest on our behalf. Because without death we cannot have a fruitful life filled with abundant grace and mercies. Death is as much a part of our life on this earth as is birth, growth, marriage and careers. The lose of a loved one has a terrible pain associated with it and it takes time to grieve their life. To our minds it seems like death is final and that there is no way we can beat death. Modern medicine is our hope to extend our lives and cheat death and we eat exercise and make efforts to control our own health. The truth is we will all be born and we will all die.

The good news is death is not final but just a time that we lay down to sleep and awake one day in the presence of God. O death where is your sting o grave where is your victory? Christ has risen and because He showed us the way we have a hope and a future in eternal life. Our confidence is if God did it for His Son that He will do it for us that have faith. One day we will be judges for the life we lived and our faith in His Son, and the word of God.

Eternal life is forever and our life in this world is but a brief moment in all time. As we mourn the lose of friends it is comforting to know that death is not final to those who believe and we are promised by God that we will be together for eternity. We can take comfort in these thoughts as we continue to live our lives.

It is my desire that each one us come to know this loving God who sees the bigger picture of eternity and did not spare His Son so you and I can be with Him and our believing loved ones forever. We. An thank God for the time we have with these people in our lives even if it is briefly. Because we know God loves them and He loves us and He made a way so that death would not be the end of the story.

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