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The most important part of leading people to the lost is PRAYER.   We must be praying to God each day to keep us and protect us from the world.  To draw us into a deeper revelation of who God is through the study of His Word.   It is in our daily conversation, aka prayer, we actually spend time talking to God.

Develop a Prayer Team for your area, people you know and start off with asking them to pray for you and your efforts to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus.

Have them pray for you:

  • to grow in grace and mercy
  • to say the right things at the right time for God’s glory
  • to have the spirit of discernment when sharing the gospel
  • to bring to rememberence bible verses and things
  • to be sharp and focused while witnessing
  • to protect you from danger and assignments sent against you

Have them pray for the city:

  • for the Holy Spirit to go before you and stir the hearts of men with conviction
  • to create opportunities to share the gospel
  • to open the door of favor with local ministries
  • to guard against distractions when the Word is flowing
  • to change their desires from worldly to heavenly

If you would like to be part of Godly Principle’s prayer team, simply send us an email to prayer@godlyprinciples.com and write Prayer Team in the subject line.   We will then add your email  to our prayer team database and send you the prayer requests as they come in.

Thank you for standing in the gap for so many disciples who are learning to be bolder for God and stepping out of the shadows.

God bless you and yours,



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